COVID-19 Update

ALL Manawatu Badminton programme, events, competitions and activities have been suspended or cancelled until further notice. We are continually reviewing the situation and will communicate further updates as necessary.

Please see below for details for each activity:

Shuttle Time Badge Classes (Wednesdays Term 1) – SUSPENDED until further notice

Update 21/03: Possible community transmission within Manawatu means suspension of all badminton activities. We will run more classes later in the year.

Shuttle Time In School (Terms 1 & 2) – SUSPENDED until further notice

Update 21/03: Possible community transmission within Manawatu means suspension of all badminton activities. Please contact Josh Curry <> should you have any queries. We are not currently taking any bookings for Term 2. We will review this situation before the end of April and advise of any change in position.

Shuttle Time Term 1 Years 5-8 Schools Competition (26 March) – SUSPENDED

In alignment with local school directives, we have suspended the Finals of the Term 1 (years 5-8) school competition, originally scheduled for Thursday 26th March. As this is the only week left to play, we will look into running this later in the year, hopefully term 3 or 4. We will be in contact with schools closer to the date.

Shuttle Time Term 2 Secondary Schools Competition (4 May to 29 June) – GOING ahead as scheduled

We are still accepting registrations for our Term 2 competition. As usual, we will not invoice any schools until after the start of the competition, to allow flexibility for schools to charge their players. If this competition does need to be cancelled, we will make that decision during April, before the competition starts.

Junior Reps – SUSPENDED until Mon 27 April

The Junior Development Committee (JDC) will discuss the junior rep fee situation and will communicate the process for refunds next week. Please bear with us while we go through this process, as this is one of many programmes that we are managing.

The JDC will also be in contact regarding tracksuits and rep shirts. These will either be returned to us next week, or bonds will be held until the COVID-19 situation lessens to provide us wit the opportunity to return tracksuits and rep shirts en mass.

Senior Reps – SUSPENDED until Mon 27 April

All senior rep practices have been cancelled until further notice. Furthermore, all ties to be played before 27 April, have been suspended by Badminton NZ. An email detailing our plan for senior reps has been sent to all senior reps. Please contact James <> if you have any further questions.

Manawatu u17 Open (27 & 28 March) – CANCELLED

Badminton NZ directive for sanctioned events has resulted in the cancellation of the u17 Open. All players have been informed and the refund process in underway. Please be patient with us while we compile refunds to be issued. Please contact James <> if you have any further questions.

Manawatu u13 Champs (28 March) – POSTPONED

This unsanctioned event has also been cancelled, in line with decisions taken for the entire junior rep programme, and the loss of access to the venue. All players have been informed and the refund process in underway. Please be patient with us while we compile refunds to be issued. Please contact James <> if you have any further questions.

Thursday Night Badminton League – SUSPENDED until further notice

Update 20/03: PNCC have closed Arena to the public from 21/03 until further notice. TNBL will resume after the venue is open again. We will keep you all updated.

School Holiday Programme (21-24 April) – CANCELLED

Update 21/03: Possible community transmission within Manawatu means suspension of all badminton activities. All enquiries please contact Josh Curry <>.


Monrad Badminton Club ❌- SUSPENDED until further notice.

Palmerston North Badminton Club ❌- Both juniors (Mondays) & seniors (Tuesday) SUSPENDED until 1st June.

Masters Badminton Club ❌- SUSPENDED until further notice.

Rainbow Family Club ❌- SUSPENDED until further notice

United Badminton Club ❌- SUSPENDED until further notice.

Massey Badminton Club ❌- SUSPENDED until further notice.

👉Beyond 27 April

Manawatu Badminton will continually review the continuation and suspension of all programmes and communicate the decisions as and when necessary.


We are also working with available venues to try and provide an opportunity for players to participate in pay-to-play badminton sessions, until a point at which this also becomes untenable. We will release more information about this, once we are able to confirm the details. Should any pay-to-play sessions go ahead, then we will also communicate a set of criteria under which players will be able to participate. Once again, the COVID-19 situation changes daily, and therefore any services we offer are subject to cancellation at any point.

❓If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact James <>.

Stay safe,
From Sandra, James & Josh

Player Profile: Oliver Linton

Name: Oliver Linton
Age: 20
Association: Manawatu
Para-badminton Classification: SL3

Oliver at Palmy Club before heading off to the Badminton Oceania para-badminton training camp in Australia

Getting into Badminton
Q. What was your first experience of playing badminton?
A. I played in the Manawatu Badminton Secondary School Competition when I was in year 9 at school.

Q. Where did you go to play badminton on a more regular basis?
A. I play socially at Crossroads Church. Then I contacted the local Palmerston North Badminton Club, who play at Arena Manawatu on Tuesday’s.

Q. When did you realise you wanted to play at a high level?
A. I realised I needed some coaching in late 2018 if I was going to improve and enjoy badminton.

Q. What were the next steps and what organisations were able to help you?
A. Manawatu Badminton Association for badminton coaching. Parafed Manawatu for initial encouragement.

A new top for the international training camp and tournament in Melbourne.

Badminton Oceania Para-Badminton Training Camp
Q. What does your weekly training schedule involve?
Monday: One-to-one coaching with Joshua Curry at St Peter’s College
Tuesday: Palmerston North Badminton Club night 7:30pm at Arena Manawatu
Wednesday: 30 minute run and practice drills
Thursday: Badminton at Crossroads Church
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 20 minute run
Sunday: United Badminton Club 2pm at PN Intermediate Normal School

Q. How does it feel to be travelling to Australia as part of a New Zealand contingent?
A. Fantastic and I am really looking forward to it.

Q. Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve during or after the camp?
A. I want to have fun and do my best, especially in doubles. I want to test my ability level against other para-badminton players.

Badminton is a sport for all and for the first time para-badminton will be included in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. As with badminton, para-badminton athletes will compete in mens and womens singles, mens and womens doubles and mixed doubles. To ensure fairness, athletes are divided into six classifications: WH1, WH2, SL3, SL4, SU5, SS6.
For more information visit the Badminton World Federation website:

Inter-Association: SUPER Super-Vets!

Saturday 8th June saw 3 Manawatu teams playing Inter-Association ties across the central and lower North Island. Super-Vets were in Taranaki, while Senior Div 3 played at Wellington North & Senior Div 5 was in action in Rotorua.

Beat Taranaki 6-3 & Beat Northland 6-3

Manager Simon Allan:
“There was a gale blowing in New Plymouth as the Manawatu Super-vets stormed into town and put two matches under their belt! It was a case of 6:3, 6:3 in a great performance by all players. Our thanks to Janice Cudby, (a youngster and whose games have to be forfeited due to age!) for supporting the women and allowing the full matches to be played. This bodes well for Manawatu Super-vets retaining the Division 1 status come season’s end. It truly is amazing to see these older people play. Be assured we are keeping a space for aging badminton players in the future, should you reach the critical age and manage to oust the present thriving members of the squad!”

Joshua & Jason in action for Senior Div 3 against Auckland 3

Senior Div 3
Lost to Auckland 3 10-1 & Lost to Wellington 1 10-1

Manager Joshua Curry:
“Last weekend was a challenging weekend for our Div 3 team coming up against 2 of the strongest teams in the division in Auckland 3 and Wellington 1. While going down 10-1 in both ties, there were some encouraging signs with our younger players stepping up and becoming more competitive in their matches showing noticeable improvement over the first weekend. Against Auckland Ben and Fiona fought hard in their mixed to secure us our only win in a tight 3 game match. In our 2nd tie it was Isabella and Fiona that pulled through for a solid win against Wellington in the doubles. Isabella came oh so close to a victory in the 3rd game of her singles against an experienced Tracey Tham eventually going down 25-23.”

Senior Div 5 @ Rotorua Badminton Hall
Jason, Danielle, Jessica, Jamie
Chris, Jovanah, Rose, James

Senior Div 5
Beat Wellington North 3 6-5 & Beat Counties Manukau 3 6-5

Manager James Veitch:
“With two (not-so-new) faces coming into the team to replace absence and injury, the team put in 2 fantastic performances to snatch both wins from our ties this weekend. Special mentions must go to Jamie and Rose for stepping into the team, as well as Jovanah & Chris, who both extended their undefeated records in singles! The days play culminated when heading into the final 3 mixed matches, needing all 3 for the win against Counties Manukau 3, to whom we lost 9-7 last year… cue celebrations! Congratulations to both Jovanah & Rose who jointly shared MVP for this weekend, with Jason a close third.”

Jamie & Jason in action for Senior Div 5 against Counties Manukau 3

Inter-Association: Masters & Vets chalk up the wins

Manawatu Vets 1 team hosted a round of Veterans Division 2 ties at the Feilding Civic Centre on 18th May. Both Masters teams were in action on 25th May, with Masters 1 in Wellington and Masters 2 in Waitakere.

Vets 1
Beat Taranaki 1 9-0 & Beat Hutt Valley 6-3

Manager Claire James:
Despite a really sick Dave, rubbish weather and Michele lying on a beach somewhere, the Vets 1 team made a solid start to the season with wins over both Taranaki 1 and Hutt Valley. Greg was welcomed into the team, slotting in seamlessly and achieving good results. Overall everyone played well and the nutritional nourishment supplied by the team was well received by our visitors.

Masters 1 in action at Wellington Badminton Centre
(Photo Credit: Wayne Young)

Masters 1
Lost to Waitakere 3 10-2 & Beat Hutt Valley 1 8-4

Manager Wayne Young:
“Masters 1 played Waitakere 3 and Hutt Valley 1 in Division 2 on the weekend. The team lost to Waitakere 10-2, with a number of tight games that didn’t go our way in the end. However, we registered an 8-4 win against Hutt Valley. It was a good team effort, including a win from Malcolm, our newest team member who had never played at this level before.”

Janice & Greg in action for Masters 2 against Auckland at Waitakere Badminton Centre
(Photo Credit: Paul Foxall)

Masters 2
Beat Auckland 6 8-4 & Lost to Auckland 5 8-4

Well done to the team for picking up their first win of the season. Lots of new faces in the Masters 2 team, who have settled in well and collecting their first victories. A promising start to the season.

Jo and (a very casual) Sandeep in action for Masters 2 against Auckland at Waitakere Badminton Centre
(Photo Credit: Paul Foxall)

Senior & Super-Vet Inter-Association – First Weekend!

Manawatu had 3 rep teams in action last weekend, with the Super-Vets playing in Wanganui, Senior Div 3 team in Wellington and the Senior Div 5 team up at North Harbour.

Lost to Counties 5-4 & Lost to Wanganui 6-3

Manager Simon Allan:
“A spirited fight by Manawatu Supervets gave entertaining and competitive games but, unfortunately, no wins. The competition was intense and the results close. All players felt that a good effort had been made and we are encouraged by the first matches of the season.”

Senior Div 3 @ Wellington Badminton Centre
William, Joshua, Fiona, Ben, Isabella, Jason

Senior Div 3
Lost to North Harbour 4 10-1 & Beat Wellington North 2 8-3

Manager Joshua Curry:
“While the tie score is very one sided, our new players did well and were very competitive with some close matches. William in particular came very close in 3 games in his singles.  The second tie against Wellington North was a fantastic result, for what was for most our team their first time in Div 3. Jason, Christina and Isabella all got their first singles wins on the board.”

Senior Div 5 @ North Harbour
Sujay, Jason, Danielle, James, Cassandra
Chris, Jovanah, Jessica

Senior Div 5
Lost to North Harbour 5 9-2 & Beat Bay of Plenty 2 7-4

Manager James Veitch:
“NH5 first up was always going to be tough, but the matches were much closer than the score indicates. The team did so well to dust themselves down and take on an improved BOP team from last year. The 3 new players (Jovanah, Jason & Chris) coming into the team this year played incredibly well with Jovanah & Chris picking up their first singles wins of the season. Jovanah in particular contributed a huge amount and was voted MVP for the weekend.”