Manawatu BCD Doubles

Alongside the Manawatu Open 2021, we will be running B & C & D grade doubles events on Saturday 18 September.

Key Details
Date: Saturday 18 September
Time: 10am-3pm (estimated)
Venue: B&M Centre, Arena 4
Format: Round robin
Cost: $20pp

The events will be*:
– B Grade Mens Doubles
– B Grade Womens Doubles
– B Grade Mixed Doubles
– C Grade Mens Doubles
– C Grade Womens Doubles
– C Grade Mixed Doubles
– D Grade Mens Doubles
– D Grade Womens Doubles
– D Grade Mixed Doubles
*Please note that events may be combined depending on number of entries.

Please note that we may merge events depending on number of entries

Please complete the form below to register yourself (and a partner if you have one).
If no partner, write ‘Partner required’ and you will be assigned someone.

All queries to James at