Shuttle Time Yr 5/6/7/8 Schools Competition - Term 1 2019

Dates: Thursdays - 14th February to 4th April 2019 (No play 14th & 28th March)

Venue: B&M Centre Arena Manawatu

Entry Form here

Any queries please contact James -  0204 097 0530


Our competition game rules:
- one game to 21 points (i.e. first to 21).
- each player will play a singles and a doubles per match. There are 2 matches per day.
- a sub can be used, please arrange the sub before the competition. When only one player turns up - if we can, we will play the games but all the points will go to the full team.
  Please tell your players that they are on a team and they must turn-up to play with their team mate. It is very difficult to arrange matches when only one player turns up as we cannot fulfil the doubles games.  All the children/teams miss out on getting games/matches when this happens.
- Please let us know if any of your players cannot make the competition on any particular week.
- All schools must ensure there is an adult supervisor at the venue for the duration of the competition. If possible please also send us Emergency contact details for each player.

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